Answers to FAQ regarding in-person worship services:


1. When and where will we meet in person?

Saturdays: 6pm at Calvary First in Mesquite (click here for directions)


2. Will there still be an online service to watch?

Yes. Beginning at 9am on Sunday mornings (Facebook link to online service)


3. Do I need to register to attend the in-person service?

No. There is room for everyone.


4. What if I'm not comfortable attending in person yet?

That is okay! We know everyone has a different level of comfort, so please do what you feel is best for you and your family—whether that’s watching at home or joining us in person.


5. Is everyone required to wear a mask during services?

We are encouraging everyone to wear a mask while entering, exiting and when walking around inside the building. However, they can be removed once you're at your seat for the service.


6. What about shaking hands or hugging?

There will be bright orange paper bracelets that you can place on your wrist to signal that you are fine with our usual greetings of handshakes and hugs. If a person is not wearing one of those bracelets, we all need to respect boundaries and give space.


Always remember that the same grace God gives to you is the grace you are tasked with giving to others. It will be such a blessing to be back together to worship in person, but it will still be a tad different. Let's all commit to loving and accepting each other the way Hope Church is used to doing.