Fall Semester 2022


If you haven't been part of a LifeGroup yet with Hope Church, you have missed out, but you are officially invited to check it out. Look over the different LifeGroups listed below and pick one that fits for you and your schedule. Then, email the LG Leader and they will get you all the details you need.

We feel confident that you will be truly blessed from the interaction with a LifeGroup. There is study of Biblical Principles, fellowship, usually some food, and always a great atmosphere where we push one another toward growing in our desire to Love God and Love Others.

The semester begins the week of August 21 and ends early December.



Current LifeGroups


Ladies Groups

Sundays @ 6:30pm in Sunnyvale - Alesha Boger & Lori Case

Wednesdays @ 7pm in Sunnyvale - Kym Harper

Mens Group

Wednesdays @ 7pm in Sunnyvale - Mike Harper

Sundays @ 5pm in Forney - David Mills

Men & Ladies Groups

Wednesdays @ 7pm in Sunnyvale - Eric & Cyndi Miller